My Sunday ramblings- Resume normal life

simplicityMost of Friday I slept. Well, slept, woke up, pottered around my flat (I really should call it an apartment since it sounds expensive) and slept again. Till about 6pm when I had to force myself out of my flat to check on my mother.

From Christmas period right up to the end of January it was a gruelling time for us. My practice has expanded since the previous January. This was bound to happen despite the fact we did get a record number of returns completed pre tax returns season.

I will change tack in this week’s edition of Sunday Ramblings. I would like to use the opportunity to talk about  what’s next for me.  

Any business to survive and grow should never stop marketing itself. It is a 12 month non-stop activity. It needs to be. Otherwise it may be difficult to replace clients who leave for whatever reason. Referrals are good, but I think it is important to have other sources of client recruitment as well. I now have my marketing person. My various marketing campaigns will start from this month.

I will put my foot on the accelerator on systematization. I have templates for most stuff. I will organise these for easy and efficient access by everyone in the office. If you use Google Apps for business you may know they have canned response on Gmail under labs. I have trailed this. It is time-saving. It will be used extensively for emailing clients. VAT reminders, VAT bills, Quotations etc.

I have put in a lot of hours on Workflow Max (WFM). Then we left it since it got busy. I need to revisit this and start using WFM asap. It is an excellent tool that I am sure will help. One of the downsides is it is not specifically for UK accountants or even just accountants. Compare that to Glide that is for UK accountants. Since I have spent countless hours on WFM, we will work with it.

It is important that I spend time on myself. My career and now my business meant I have not done this. This  has not done me any favours. To be successful, I need to be right in the head. To be right in the head, I need to sort out the “frogs” in my personal life. I have left these for a very long time. I have made a start.

My shower has been out of order for about a year now. Yesterday I had someone come in- a really good jack of all trades person. He will do all the jobs in the flat that were nagging me. He is expensive. Hell, I thought to myself, I am a single middle-aged guy. I do not have anyone to leave my money, I might as well start having a good life.

Overall I want to make the best of my time through having a balanced life. I have lost out too much in the past.