Will the last person out please turn off the lights

turn out the lightsThat’s it for tax year 2012/13. My last tax return completed. I am out of here after this blog post! Yay!  

It was my worst tax season in terms of stress level. No, won’t do this again. No way.  Why you may ask.

We had completed a fair amount of work pre January. Of the tax returns left a large percentage of these were okay. We were left with two clients, both of them had a high tax liability. One of them (new client)  proved to be such a nightmare. Fees and stress level with this client do not tie up. A real PITA client. There is no way I am keeping him.

In addition to tax returns there was also unexpected work that came up. This ranged from Accountant’s Certificate to how do I do this on Xero. Further, there were more than normal unexpected events in my personal life. 2 bicycle punctures did not help.

I am totally exhausted now. I asked my staff to leave early so I can get some time on my own in the office. I am taking a long weekend off. Well I will try. I do not think I will be able to work even if I tried. My brain is saying no so far. Even if I come to the office, I will be dealing with personal stuff and only urgent client emails. My staff are not in the office till Tuesday.

Signing out.