My Sunday ramblings- Murphy’s Law

simplicityNo! No! No! Go away January. Get out you terrible month. 

It is a month of Murphy’s law. So far, those things that could have gone wrong, did.

Why January? Any other month would be okay but not grey, dull, cold and rainy damn January!

You will see what I mean through my  summing up of my terrible week.

On Monday my staff assembled the two desks and a chair. The desks were not easy to put up. We then had to change the office layout to allow for an extra desk in the office. All this took a lot longer than expected. This is at the busiest time of the year.

Half way through the day, since my staff had worked hard, I treated them to Nando’s. It is the only decent eating place within walking distance of our office. As you know with Nando’s you pay at the till after your order. The only good part of the week happened then.

As I was about to pay, I was informed that we choose the lucky table number. They had some promotion going that meant I did not have to pay a penny for the meal. This was the first time I have won anything.

On Tuesday I left the office at about 10.30 pm. After about 10 minutes of cycling my second puncture within two weeks! This meant I walked home rest of the way. I got home at about 12 am.

You would have thought Wednesday would have been better – no. It was raining and my bike had a puncture, so I had to drive to the office.  As I was driving my car reached 24,000 miles (shows how much drive). All the warning lights on the dash board came on. I could not work out what was happening. I just carried on driving. On my return journey all the warning lights thankfully were off.

At about 6pm my mother called asking me rush over and see her since she was not in a good state. Off I went to see her. Thankfully my brother was there. I just could not take it anymore so I left, leaving everything to my brother.

Thursday – worked on some tough clients tax returns. Stressful day with client moans.

Friday walked with my bicycle to the bike workshop and asked them if there is such a thing as puncture proof tyres. No, but they had puncture resistant ones. I told them to fit one to the rear wheel, front wheel has never had a puncture.

Saturday – Collected my bike and then I spent whole day in  the office without any results. I just cannot remember the Windows Admin password to my staff’s computer. I tried hacking software Ophcrack. It did not work. The only option left now is a clean start through reinstall of windows. That will take time!

On tax returns status we are doing well.  Our position is as follows:

1 -Awaiting client information – This is a straightforward return

1 – Sought outside help

2- Awaiting client approval.

1 – In progress. Straightforward.

So really only 3 left to do!  

I deserve a rest today.