My Sunday ramblings- Nearly over

simplicityI am looking forward to January coming to an end. I intend to take a few long weekends. I mean taking Friday off and returning to work on Monday.

I am not sure whether I will be able to do this. I will try. I do not know what I will do or where I will go. I think it is important I do not have work on my mind for a few days. 

Talking about work, how would I sum up my week?

It was a week where I was not able to cycle for 2 days! Damned puncture. I did not have the time to buy a second bicycle to cover for frequent occasions like these. It meant I walked to work for those 2 days. On three occasions during the week, I was totally soaked by the rain.

Dell finally sent me the right keyboard. On desks I was in the wrong! I got my colours mixed up. I thought birch was beech! Euroffice did deliver the beech desks again. I rejected the delivery since the desks were of the same colour as the ones I already have. I will now stick with beech desks.

Tax returns season is stressful. It is not so much the work. It is clients who come up with last-minute changes, moan about their tax bill and ask whether any changes could be made to lower the tax bill. If there was, we would have done it.

We are assembling desks and changing the office layout on Monday. This is because we have an extra desk in the office and everything that goes with an extra desk. This includes desktop setup and another person in the office.

I continue to be pleased with my staff (former intern). His confidence is growing. He is becoming my day-to-day person. He now calls clients. Before he did not have the confidence to speak to them. He is becoming too much like me! I hope in time he develops his own style rather than emulate mine.

My fear is as his confidence grows he may setup on his own! This is the risk all business people face. I cannot be without staff because of this concern. If he does goes on his own, I will address the issue at the time and move on.

I am looking forward to February and the rest of the year. I will now have the time to work on my business. This should have happened a lot sooner. I will also have the time to work on all the personal stuff I have put off. This includes my finances, flat and taking time out.

On tax returns status we are nearly there now. It looks like by the end of next week we will be done. I hope so. I am fed up with it all!

To end on a pleasant note, I love Filing Fit series on Accounting Web. I will look into the apps that are highlighted. Thank you gorgeous Rachael.

It would be good to see YouTube videos on how accountants look after their well-being through exercise and diet.