My Sunday ramblings – January stress

simplicityWe are already on the 12th day of 2014!  In my case with age time is passing by with an increasing speed. I want to hold on to dear life as long as it is of  good quality.  I ask myself regularly how can I make the most of my time in my middle aged years?

The sad person that I am, most of it for me means working on my business. I get so much satisfaction from building my business. It drives me. So what has driven me this week? 

I was driven nuts by my suppliers Dell and Euroffice. They both failed on customer service despite my calls and emails to them. There comes a stage when sorry just does not cut it. All I want is items I ordered and paid for to be delivered. Both the organisations have failed to do this. I do not want to bore you with the details.

We are in  the busiest month for accountants – January! Those desks and the desktop were meant to get another body in my office to help out during the busy period. It has not worked out.

On a positive note, because we are in a much better January position compared to last year, things are going smoothly. I am not saying it is not stressful. It is. It could have been far worse. I am pleased we got  biggie tax returns out of the way well before January. I have no doubt next January will be even better.

I am very pleased with my intern now my staff. All my time on his development is really paying off. He know my systems and the way I work. He is a ACCA finalist!

To all who those who were being critical of me taking on interns and accusing me of slave labour, how many interns have you helped into jobs? How much of your valuable time have you given to accountants  who are having difficulty in getting jobs?

If each practicing accountant takes on an intern think how many people we would be helping.  Of course, their needs to be a genuine desire to help the intern and you need to have the skills to be a mentor. I think most accountants have this.

One area I failed on in  January is yoga and strength training. I normally do this first thing in the morning. Now I get on my bike ASAP to rush to the office. Exercise is very important. I will get back on it from tomorrow.

Their has been a good number of potential client inquires in January. My sign up rate on these is dismissal. After the first meeting/call, I do not follow up. These inquires were from people who do not want to pay a reasonable fee. I think they find other accountants working from home or from whom accountancy would not be a main source of income. Though this is no excuse, I need to be a lot better at signing up.

January reminds me of my study period leading up to my exams. I think about if onlys I had done this… I even get butterflies in my stomach. Will this be done? What if I have accident? Will my staff be able to handle this? I hope I don’t miss out some clients! What if my staff goes off sick? For all these reasons it is so important to get most of the tax returns done by the end September/October.  I will go out of my way to do this for tax year 2013/14.

It is good to see my favourite blogger on Accounting Web. Congratulations Lilac1 on your practicing certificate and your new job. I look forward to reading more from you.

Today is my off day. My flat is nice and clean. The cleaner was in yesterday. I am thinking of saying good bye to my cleaner after January. I prefer to to do the cleaning since I find it relaxing with music in the background. I will see.