Emotional attachment

let goI am sure you know as practicing accountants our business relationship with our clients is a long-term one. Most of our clients stay with us. Over a period we form an emotional attachment to our clients. This means it is not easy to say good-bye to clients even when it is in the best interest of our business.    

I have two clients that are heavily paper driven. They became my clients in the early days of my practice. If they came to me today, I would quote them double fees for them to go elsewhere.

I like both the clients. They are stable. The minute I mentioned to one of them that he may be better off with another accountant, he was upset with me. He said that I should never say that to him again. I do not know what the other client would say when I ask him to move on.

Paper based systems is not my business model. I so hate this. It messes up my office, work takes longer and it is just not profitable enough. I do not want any clients who send/bring in a wodge of papers on a quarterly/yearly basis.

I so want my two clients to go. At the same time I do not have the heart to tell them. I appreciated them in my early days when I hardly had any income coming in. They choose me as their accountant when I really needed them. Should I now tell them to buzz off?

At the same time, these clients hold the practice back by taking up too much time on quarterly/yearly basis. We could be going for profitable clients instead of working on them.

No, I can’t do it. I will stick with them. I will see how we can make some changes to makes our lives easier. One of them may move to Xero. The other one, I cannot see it.