My Sunday ramblings- Busy bee

simplicityThe first week of 2014 was incredibly busy for me. In fact most of December 2013 was a hectic month. 

The only day I had off over the Christmas and New Year period was Christmas day. I did not really have the day off. I spent the day cleaning, washing and ironing. My cleaner did not turn up.

As regards to my week, I would not call it smooth sailing.

From my blogs over the week you know the problems I had over trying to exchange 2 desks and sorting out my new desktop. On top of this we had new client deadlines of accounts and tax return. Their paper system slowed us down.

I am pleased things are back to normal from tomorrow. Craziness of the limbo land period where businesses are open and yet it is not business as usual outside the retail sector. Most of the people were off. To get things done was slow and difficult.

I was in my office for a few hours yesterday getting my new desktop the way I want it. It has Windows 8. You would have thought Microsoft would have put a lot of thought and detailed testing before releasing it. It works but so many key strokes could have been eliminated if they had put further thought on efficiency.

Dell failed on their customer service. I could not go through repacking the desktop and the monitors to return to Dell. I was within my rights, if  done within 7 days of receipt. Another wrong by Dell – the key board they sent me is not in English language! It is an eastern European language. I had to use my intern’s key board. I will put in a complaint to Dell.

I still have two flat packed desks awaiting collection in exchange for 2 desks of the colour I ordered. I was promised twice that someone will call me to arrange delivery and collection. This did not happen. As I said craziness of the limbo land period. So much productive time was lost.

Even though it was not a good start to 2014, I am positive about my business progress.  It is rare for me to be positive! I have a clear vision. I will work all the hours I can towards my vision.

As I mentioned in a previous blog it is important to get staff and IT right. I would add systems and marketing to that as well. These four aspects are the foundation of success towards my vision becoming a reality.  I am there with staff. I am making good progress with IT and systems. I will start om marketing in February.

Today, I will get all the domestic work out of my way ASAP and then I will spend an hour or so planning work for next week. Then I will RELAX with a clear head.