Desktop and Desks

desktopMy stress level was up today. Desktop and desks issues are still not sorted. I know to some readers this may not sound much. In my small world this is stressful. I want it sorted. 

I called Dell today to explain to me various cables I have left after installing the desktop. Were they needed for the desktop and if not why were these provided. More importantly, how much was I charged for these?

Further, I emailed photos of cable connections to my contact at Dell to verify what we have done was all correct. I have not had a response yet. Hopefully I will get a response tomorrow.

I called my desks suppliers to find out when I will get replacement desks and the current ones to be collected (they mess up my office) asap. I was informed, someone will call me tomorrow.

All this takes up time!

How can something simple like a desktops and two desks stress me! I think this is because these items are critical to our productivity. If the foundations are not right, the productivity crumbles.

There are some people who can work in any environment. I am not one of those.I need a tidy and an organized environment. I find it stressful to work otherwise.

I did what I could towards the end of the day to make our office a serene environment to work in. I have done a good job. Tomorrow, I hope, will be a less stressful day.

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