What do we do with spare leads?

computer leadsIt was a normal work day for me and one of my loyal member of staff. It was a grey and rainy outside.  I thought it was a best day to work. 

We were on  client work till about 2:30 pm. This was for a new client whose previous  accountant worked on a paper based system. It was not easy to work through the client’s file full of papers. Paper based systems are such an inefficient way to work.

I treated my staff to Nando’s. We got back to the office about 3:45 pm. This is when the day became stressful. We unboxed my desktop with dual monitors. There were too many leads without instructions! It took us  along time to try and work out what goes where. We have  leads left! We are not sure whether all the leads had to be used.

The office is in a real mess. There are two flat packed desks to be returned in exchange for two desks of the right colour. To add to this they are empty desktop and dual monitor boxes. I am thinking about returning all  of Dell’s stuff. I am disappointed with the lack of instructions. I will sleep on it.

My desk is in a mess as well with the dual monitors wires hanging out all over the place. The desktop needs software like VT and TaxCalc to be installed.

I thought a new desktop will be an easy installation. It was was anything but easy.

Please clients take the rest of the week off. This will allow us time to sort ourselves out.