New Year’s Eve

New Years EveThe big event of the year is today – New Years Eve. It is over rated. I want normality to return asap. What is it with public holidays?  People start taking it a day early. My office block was vacated by late morning. Public holiday is tomorrow and not today! There is only my staff and I here now. The cleaner, I have no doubt, will leave soon.

The sad person I am, there is nowhere else I rather be.  My desktop was delivered today. I have not had the time to unbox it.  I will soon.  I will leave the office about 7pm. I will check on my mother and then head off home, find something on Love Then off to sleep before the clock strikes to 12.

Every bloody year it is the same. People (including me!) believe they will have a better year. Nothing significant changes for most of us.

On a more upbeat note, I will buy a new bike this week and become two bike household. My reasons are simply because I want a shiny new bike in 2014 and  when one of the bike goes in for repairs I will use my standby bike.  I miss cycling when my bike is in the workshop. The mileage I do, two bikes make a lot of sense. Punctures and replacing brake pads are a regular occurrence for me.

Just think, if the wing mirror on my VW beetle is damaged, the cost of replacing it would buy me a whole new bike.  

I will be popping into my local Evans for advice, test ride and ordering the bike.

I will be polite and say  Happy New Year.