Duvet Day

Duvet DayI have no doubt you have had days when it is windy, raining and grey outside. Every bit of you wants to stay in bed even though there is so much to be done. This was my day today. Eventually I made it to the office. Once I got in at 12.15 pm,  I said to myself, I wish I was here a few hours earlier. I love my office. I just want to work when I get in.

I knew I had to drive in today. This gave me an additional reason to pull up my duvet and not get up. I wanted my bike ride!  

One of my staff who was due to come in, sent me a text message with some excuse. I completely understood he wanted a duvet day as well. I would have done the same thing if I was an employee.

I am pleased I am made an effort in the end. Most of my time was spent on IT. Please bear in mind I am not what you would call an IT geek. I wish I was. This means it takes me longer to work things out with the help of YouTube and Google.

My IT challenges for today included:

1) I have a new desktop being delivered tomorrow. My current desk top will be passed to the intern. I will take the new computer. How do I make sure that the intern does not have access to my personal files? With the help of Google (God!) and YouTube, easy. Create another user account (not admin). It need not even occur to me till today that this would be a way forward. The problem was on my mind since I ordered the desktop.

2) Move interns Google account to my pc. Ensuring he has access to G Drive files and all the work related bookmarks with passwords.

3) Making sure the intern has access to all the software that we use.

I am so glad I moved to G Drive from Dropbox. We use Google Apps for business. The integration is excellent.

One advantage of working at this time of the year is client queries are reduced by a significant amount. It makes working on tasks so much easier.

I am kicking myself for not getting in earlier. There is always tomorrow.