My Sunday ramblings- Happy

simplicityWhen I have a blank screen to write my blog, I do not know what I will write, neither do I plan my writing (it shows!). There is just a need for me to write. 

There is something about writing as a medium. I am in no way what you would call a professional writer. By this I mean people would pay to read my written work! As you know, my writing lacks attention to detail (editing)! Plus it is so so.

This is my last Sunday Ramblings for 2013. We are in limbo land period till the first Monday following New Year’s day. So this will not be my normal Sunday Ramblings.

I feel positive and great. Okay I am not at all happy with my weight and because I am fat, I lack on the beauty stakes. Even then I am positive and happy. I have no idea how long this will last.

I think my feelings are as a result of chemical balance in my brain. When I am feeling low, all I have to do is make a real effort and be active. This could be a long bike ride or a long brisk walk.

Over the week cycling has been brilliant. The weather is superb for cycling. I cannot put into words how good I feel after my bike ride in this weather. It beats any anti depressants. Cycling is the key reason I think I feel positive and great.

Yesterday I was working away in my office. I was preparing statutory accounts. I noticed how slow I was and I made mistakes. This is because I do not normally prepare statutory accounts. My staff handle this. It made me think  how far I have come. I started from home with zero clients and I was so damn naive. The mistakes I made!

I am pleased that one of the interns has become my staff now. He is doing well. This will allow me time for expanding my practice. Here again, I am positive. I have my marketing adviser on board.

Staff are beginning to take on more and more routine work . This will allow me more time to work on the business. Having the right staff is so important. Staff and IT, aside from clients, are two key aspects that determine success/failure of my practice.

I have not changed my plans on moving to a shop front. Though it will take time to find suitable premises. In the mean time I will carry on with systematization and expanding from my office.

In 2014 the areas I want to tackle are:

1) Sort out my personal finances. I am okay but I need to stream line.

2) Move my website to WordPress and update website. Not a major overhaul. May be go for strong brand identity? Not sure.

2) Systematize – More templates for staff.

3) Redecorate my flat. It is looking tired and old now. It is major work. I will enlist Interior Designer’s help.

4) Continue with yoga and strength training.

5) Could 2014 be the year I sort out my weight? Let’s wait and see.