I am begging you, please stay!

2013Why are you doing this  2013?  How typical, like the one before you, you just want to leave me now. On our first night together you told me you really loved me and everything will be okay.  

Like all others you are not any different. The hopes, promises and a life we talked about having, all crushed now.

You are leaving me, I am heart broken. Please, please, please stay?

You are saying I should put it all behind me and look forward to a fresh start on 1 January. Blah! Blah!Blah!

Don’t you understand 2013, it is you I love!  Please stay with me just for few more days. Let us reflect on our time together. This way, my pain for you will be so much easier to handle.

Since our first night together, I kept a journal of how things were between us . I knew the day would come when you would leave me. This is only reminder that I will have left of you.

January – I experimented on myself to see if I can live without my TV. It worked in the sense that I watch far less TV now. Though they are odd days I go overboard – HERE is my blog on subject.

2) February was a biggie – It was a period when I was seriously considering an accountancy franchise. It generated fair amount of interest from my peers. THIS, THIS and THIS  shows what I mean. In the end I did not go for the franchise. This was only because my local area was not available. I still think franchise I was considering was and is a good one.

3) March to May  – things were getting worse for me on Accounting Web. Though I continued to blog. I will miss my April Fool posts on AW.

4) June – I invited my sister to join me as my business partner. This did not happen in the end. We decided it would not work. She went her own way. It has not affected our sibling relationship.

5) July – Key month for looking at practice management software.

6) August – Started My Sunday Ramblings blogs on AW. This is well read on my independent blog. It is also a blog that I love writing. It sums me up well! Not forgetting 13/08/2013 was my last blog on AW. My ban was on 14 August. 14 August 1976 is also a date I arrived UK to settle from sunny Malawi.  That is interesting.

7) SeptemberOffice move and took on another intern. This was a good move on both fronts.

8) OctoberSigned on a high fee client. Unrequited love blog was and still is such a help. Disabled comments on my blog.

9) NovemberFound a shop front! High fee client said good bye!

10) DecemberShop front – no go. Loss client and lowered fees.

Reflecting on our time together 2013, you just did not understand me. You failed to live up to my expectations. Even our first night was not all that great. I was just being nice.

You aged me and gave me a rough ride 2013. I want you to pack your bags and get out of my life! I never want to see you again!