My Sunday ramblings – Not good

simplicityThis weekend can be classed as veg out weekend. I did not feel like doing anything. I did not. I caught up with some sleep, watched TV and ate all the wrong food in large portions.  I was in what can only respectably called lounge wear.  

I want the whole of next week off.  I can’t. There are few deadlines I have to meet. I have just put a pile of washing in the washing machine. Normally by this time it is washed, dried and ironed.

As regards to my week, it could have been so much better.

Most of the week I got to the office late. I don’t know. I just could not be bothered. Then I left the office late at the end of the day. This meant I was late again the next day. It is normal when the manager is not in the office staff take it easy. I probably lost some staff productive time.

I am exhausted. I need a break. I love the period leading up to Christmas. Christmas day is so boring. It is dead everywhere. After Christmas day we are in limbo land till the Monday following New Year’s day. I cannot even take this time off. I want to get the tax returns done sooner.

I ordered a new desk top computer, 2 desks and a chair. I wanted to move to a bigger office within my block. It was taken by someone else who offered higher rent. So my way round to create more space in my office was to replace the desks with smaller sized ones.

They delivered the wrong colour. I ordered Beech and the they delivered Oak. It took some time to sort this out. I hope the new desks are delivered by Tuesday. Even ordering a new desk top with dual monitors took up some time.

When I get to the office late the day is not productive. For a start, I am annoyed with myself. I have a few emails to respond to and staff have queries when I get in. It all piles up. Then I mess up on some areas. This then takes times to sort out.

I start asking myself, am I running business  or what!  I will be late tomorrow as well due to my dental appointment at 9:30am.

I think the dental hygienist was put on this earth to moan about the fact that I have failed to look after my teeth and give me so much pain. I do not like her! She gets a real pleasure out of making my 40 minutes hell with her.

I hope your week will be better.