Good relationships

good relationshipsOne key area I wish my parents had drummed into me is the importance of having good relationships both in personal and business life. 

Our relationships determine the quality of our life. They are important. They help us to get ahead in life. I am talking about all forms of relationships, not just personal ones.

I am trying to think why I do not think I have many good relationships. This may be because when I form a relationship whether business or personal I trust the other person completely. I open myself to the person. My standards of what I expect from a person are very high. In return I adhere to these high standards.

What happens is most people do not see the relationships in such a way. Unless of course it is an intimate personal relationship.

When I am let down by a person and not meeting the high standard that I go out of my way to meet, that is it for me. I do not want anything to do with the person concerned. I move on.

There is no right or wrong in relationships. It was what is suited to people involved. Having said that may be I need to see various types of relationships at different levels – business, friend, intimate and personal.

No, I think  honesty is very important for me. This is where my relationships break down. I am not saying I am a perfect being and I am always honest. They are rare times where I am not honest.

The crunch comes for me where on important issues a person is not honest. This tends to go into less important aspects as well. When this happens I just do not want to know the person.

On reflection in most cases I break off a relationship or just go cold on it is because of lack of honesty and trust.

My approach is not good for business or my personal life. People need people. Yet, I am too damn stubborn to change. I cannot. Everything in me does not want to change on this aspect.

I am my worst enemy. As I have mentioned before life does not offer neat solutions on big issues. This is one of my big issue.