Do you trust a practice management guru?

guruSince entering the accountancy practice world, I have thought a lot about what makes some people able to speak with authority and give advice on effective practice management. 

If you are practicing accountant I have no doubt you know some practice management gurus. What is it that qualifies them for that role? Who makes a judgement that they are gurus of  practice management?

You have to bear in mind I am a cynic and generally do not have the time for the so called practice management gurus. I have not come across anyone’s writing that I thought yes this person has real credibility in his/her field and what I read is a lot more than bland do and don’ts of how to manage a successful practice.

For me it goes beyond selling some merchandise or continue to make your name. It is difficult to explain, but when I read/see  someone who I respect and trust, I know. On practice management, dare I say it, I have not come across that person.

When I read some of the stuff on effective practice management, I say to myself I can write this. It is easy. I ask myself why such praise from others? Am I missing something? Is it following sheep?

I also ask myself why the guru has chosen an advisory role? Can’t he or she do a real job?

To earn my respect and trust as an advisor, the person should be working in the field on a day to day basis. He/she experiences the reality and challenges working in practice, from start-up, growth, maturity and eventually a sale. Now, this is the person, I can do with business with.

Where a person has been in an advisory (guru) role for some time, he/she has lost touch with  reality of day to day practice world. They can write their books/articles and have their seminar on how to turn your practice into thousands of pounds. I am no longer green in the practice world, so I no longer waste my time reading and attending seminars on how I can turn my practice  into a million pound fee generating one.

It makes me wonder why are the gurus wasting their time telling me? Why do they not open up a few practices each one generating a million pounds.  This way they will have an easier ride like they claim I will if I follow their advice.