Care for the elderly

careIt was not one of my better Mondays today. I missed my early morning yoga, I got to the office very late – 11.30 am.

About an hour or so into work I had an emergency call from my mother. She has one of those red button, when she presses it the emergency the call goes to her children in order. I am first in the queue being nearest to where she lives. So I get the first call. If I do not answer it goes to my siblings again in order. 

Sometimes she presses the button accidentally, so I call her back to check. This time she shouted on her speaker phone that she had fallen down. So I rushed to see her.

She was lying on the floor. She was not in any pain and thankfully was not hurt. I was not able to lift her so I called for an ambulance for help. To cut a long story short, she is okay. No injuries.

I should not be saying this – I d0 not need this! I have too much on my plate as it is. To be fair to my mother she insisted that I get back to the office after I called for an Ambulance. I did not want to since she was lying on the floor. She assured me it will be okay.

So I left leaving front door ajar for the Ambulance staff.  I also left her  telephone within reach.  I left for the office and checked on her by calling her. She was right it turned out to be okay. I am not a nice person to leave her.

I think my mother will get worse. My selfish concern is the amount of my time this will take up. My siblings are also involved in her care.

We (siblings and I) will need to think about how we address her current situation where she is on her own during the day and I go in and check on her at the end of the day. It is exhausting! Having said that she is my mother.

PS – Just to be clear all my siblings are involved in my mother’s care. I think we all take an equal share of the responsibility.