My Sunday ramblings – Offer rejected

simplicityI was mentioned on Accounting Web.  Come on people, I am a banned (exiled) member. Hush-hush! Don’t mention me. I am a very naughty boy.

For the broad minded here is the meaning of flirting “behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions”.  

Some of the comments about me on Accounting Web had me in stitches. Even though they were meant as put downs.

So how was my week?

Shop front offer was a distraction from work. They were calls, exchange of emails and thinking about this investment. As I mentioned before, emotionally I had moved in. I will not do this in future. It is important always to have a commercial head for an investment.

I spoke to the landlord’s agent yesterday. Our offer will not be accepted. This is because it will require local authority consent on change of use from A1 (current) to A2 (for me). The landlord has a similar offer to ours from someone that does not require a change of use. I am forced to let this one go. It is back to drawing board in February 2015.

My interns are back. One of them is confident about passing his ACCA final paper. The other one is less so since he did not put his head down to study at an early stage. It is wait and see for them.

I have taken on one of the interns as my staff. They are both good. The one I have taken on has been with me a few months longer so he has more experience in my way of working. Within the next three months I intend to take on the other intern as my staff as well. Subject to meeting my client recruitment quota.

Client work is going okay, but it could be so much better. This is down to me. I took my eye off the ball as a result of shop front discussions. We will catch up from next week. Also since interns are back, we will get so much more done.

Tax returns work is in control. We are working our way through these. There is now only one biggie left. The rest are relatively straight forward.

The same applies to 31 March statutory accounts. We are working through these and we are confident about getting these done without too much stress.

There has been a steady stream of potential client inquiries. I am pleased.  There was one I messed up! She had arranged a conference call with me, I omitted to include this in my diary so I did not call her. Understandably she was not interested afterwards. It is difficult enough to get clients. That was careless of me.

Another potential client who I thought would be a nightmare, I quoted him 40% higher fees for the hassle factor. I cannot see him coming on board.

Overall it was mixed week. It was hectic for certain. Now the shop front issue is clear, I can fully concentrate on the day-to-day stuff before breaking for the Christmas period.

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