Will I get the keys?

successTomorrow I will find out if our generous offer on the shop front will be accepted. The landlord’s agent is meeting the landlord to discuss. We will be informed about the outcome following this meeting.

Should I turn back? My only loss would be my agent’s fees.

Once again I am doubting myself. It is a such a scary process. If it goes through all my eggs will be in one risky basket.

I cannot see any other more effective way forward to build my business. I know others have been successful without a shop front. I do not think I am the type. I think established franchisor model is more suited to me.

The shop front we put an offer on is not small. Both the rent and rates will be high. The refurbishment costs will be significant. I do not see the point of having a shop front unless it is to a good standard.

In the early years it will be a massive outflow of cash. I will have to keep my cool and think 5 year term to start with. It will be a good investment provided I put in a real effort and do not take my eye of the ball.

I wish I was far younger starting this project. The key benefit would be if things went wrong I would have more years in me to start again. The older you are the worse it gets in terms of starting again.

I am where I am. I need to make the most of it. Staying in my comfort zone and not taking significant risks means I will stay where I am or my business will get worse.

I hope my offer will be accepted.