5 items on a deserted island

I was surprised and pleased to read An Accountant and a Mum blog on WordPress.

I love her blogs since they gave me an insight of a world I do not think at my age I will ever enter. It is not easy being a parent!

I look forward to reading more from An Accountant and a Mum. Please carry on blogging!

An Accountant and a Mum

This is the first time I’m attempting to do a blog with ping back. My blog profile and posts are still a work in progress and I keep making changes to it when I get time. I’m lying in bed with the intention of catching up on sleep decided to have a go  at this instead. 


For a start, I would hate to be stranded on a deserted island. I hate camping and I hate being cold. The only reason is be on the island would be if I knew I was getting off in a week. With this in mind my deserted island items are not necessities for survival, just things to entertain myself for a week or so. 

1. My kindle. I’d make sure I’ve downloaded all the books I want to read and that it is fully charged. 

2. Batteries for my kindle to last a…

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