Bidding process

BiddingThere has been some interest in the shop front I made an offer on. I was advised that it is likely to go through a bidding process. This means the highest bidder wins. Oh no!

My offer was £1k less rent than the advertised price, plus 6 months rent free for spending a lot of money on the property. This I thought was a good offer at the time. May be not.

I looked at other properties in the area, considering the location of the property in question, I think the advertised rent was below market. This explains such interest in the property.

We always want something that appears to be out of our reach. I am in this state now. I am willing to pay £4k rent above the advertised price. Further, I am willing to forgo 6 months rent free period! This may sound crazy. I think considering the location, size and the layout of the property it is well worth it.

Emotionally I have moved into the property. This is not good since it will be a big disappointment if things do not go through. There is a high chance of a big disappointment.

It is now wait and see.  I am in the hands of the landlord and my adviser.