My Sunday ramblings – shop front

simplicityBrrr…..! Good morning! I want science fiction to became reality so I can either freeze time while I catch up with the end of 2013 or better still go back in time about 20 years ago so I can start again. If only!

Time just goes. It is so valuable. 

My week was stressful trying to get too much done.

I lost a high fee client. I was expecting to, as I mentioned in my earlier post this week. The good news is I have 3 potential clients. Two of these are long-term clients and the remaining is a one-off lucrative work. Of the three, one longer term inquiry has agreed to become my client. There is strong interest from the remaining two.

There is a fair bit of work to do. This includes tax returns and 31 March year-end accounts. Everything will be done. As accountants readers know, the difficult part is getting the information from clients. Work could have been done a lot sooner, if we had the information earlier.

At the same time I was laid back in chasing clients for information. Lesson learnt for the next tax returns season. We will get better.

Next week, hopefully, I will find out if my offer will be accepted on the shop front. The stressful part starts after acceptance (big if) subject to contract. There will be solicitor’s costs. They should work on fixed fees. I do not see why not.

Then there is making sure lease terms are reasonable and do not leave me with massive costs. I also have concerns about upward  only rent reviews. I want to make sure this should not be above RPI.

The property does need some work to bring it to the standard I would like. I have a dream… It is expensive.

Interns are back next week! I hope this would be their last ACCA exam. I like both of them. It will good to catch up. They don’t want to leave me. They would like to be involved in the shop front move, if it goes ahead.  I don’t want them to go. I can see them becoming part of my permanent team.

Till all the tax returns are done, I will not be able to spend time on CPD and systematization.

Deadline for online self assessment tax returns should brought forward to 31/10, same as paper returns. This way clients would make sure all the information is made available or they would incur penalties. Accountants would have an easier time closing off the year and moving to the new year.

Cycling was great this week. It is cold but it is relaxing cycling in this weather. It is fresh with clean air. I will make sure I order a high visibility jacket today. I need to be seen to avoid accidents.

Next week I want to get all 31 March accounts done. Then fully concentrate on self assessment returns. I do not want many of these outstanding come January.

I want the tax returns season to end!