All 4 digits changed today

6000 hitsMy blog reached a new high today! My view (hit rate) reached 6000 well 6006 to be precise. That is good for a someone like me.

I am pleased with my blog. It allows me the space to reflect and make certain decisions. It helps to put matters in writing. It clears the mind to think.

I have no idea how long I will go on. I can see it being long-term since I find it such a help.

I have also subscribed to some interesting WordPress blogs. They give what I see as an honest account of blogger’s life – no holes barred. They are two Accounting Web bloggers that I think are well worth a read. Once again it is because of their honesty.

I think you know one of these – A Mum and an Accountant and the other is a more recent blogger Accountant on the run. I have a lot  respect for all non-commercial AW bloggers. They are putting themselves out there. That is something.

Come on even the commercial blogs are trying to help people. Even though in the end they are promoting their business. Fair enough they are not to everyone’s taste.

Mark Lee as we all know is a respected blogger. The stuff he writes is well read by accountants. I do like the odd blog. Overall, I do not see him in the same way as the large majority.  This goes to show not everyone will like my blogs.

Back to my hit rate. Not that high some may think. I had low expectations. This means I am pleased all my 4 digits hit rate changed today. A big thank you dear reader.