My Sunday ramblings – tax returns season

simplicity1 December 2013! Can you believe it? Soon it will 2014! I do not want this. 2013 has gone fast. It feels like it was Jan, Feb and then December. What happened to all that time? 

My week once again was busy and I did not get as much work as I had planned.

With the tax returns season now in full swing, as I expected, I get calls from potential clients looking for a cheapest accountant to complete their tax return. One of these did annoy me. She was not happy with her previous accountant because he was not qualified. When I quoted my fees she said I was too expensive.

I do not bother convincing clients I am worth my fees. All I said to the potential client was she was getting a good deal with her current accountant and she should stick with him.

On my shop front offer, I will know whether my offer is accepted after 9 December. The landlord is out of the country.

Next week is very busy. I have a few client appointments. These are all around their tax returns. From next week right through January it will be a busy period. This is not any different to most of  the practices.

Even though we are in a far better position on tax returns compared to previous years, we need to improve further. I cannot blame this on clients. We need to be firmer with them.

I did not go through any CPD this week.  I was too busy.  Next week is even worse. I will try and fit in at least a couple of hours. Systematization is progressing. There is still some way to go.

After the initial shock of the cold wind, cycling in this weather is great. The two days I cycled to work were enjoyable. It is fresh in the morning. On my return they are so many people and Christmas lights. This provides a good winter atmosphere. I get off my bike and walk for about 20 minutes or so people watching and taking in the good atmosphere.

I spent about 2 hours today looking for cloud based personal finance software. When I Googled, I came across my Any Answers question back in 2011. Even Xero are stopping this service from November 2014. They are no longer offering it to new customers. USA has good choice.  I will be using Xero Cash book now.

I worked most of Saturday and some of today. Not good, since I want to be fresh and relaxed next week.  I think I work because I do not have much of a life outside work. I cannot be assed to change it. For me life is work.