My day-to-day person?

linkedinTill today, I did not think much of Linkedin. In the main, I thought it is just another avenue for people to sell themselves. It is, but today it turned out to be a good thing.

I received a connection request from a person who I thought has the experience I am looking for. His small/medium practice experience is excellent plus he is a ACCA qualified.

I want someone experienced to take over the day to day from me. He, at least on paper, seems to be the right fit. Of course what he is  like as a person is also very important. The only way to get some idea of this is by meeting the person in question.

I need to work out my finances first. If I am short, I need to find out to what extent, if any, will the lending institutions help me.

One thing is certain, to take my practice forward, I cannot do with the way things are. Even if my shop front offer is not accepted, I need someone more experienced to deal with the day to day. This then would give me the time to work on my practice.

Of course, they are risks and headaches of employees. Let’s not forget the benefits of good employees. To move your business forward you just cannot do it on your own. You need people. Technology, outsourcing etc will not cut it.