Offer made

imagesLate yesterday my representative made an offer on the shop front I mentioned  in my earlier blog. Hell, I am worried.

What am I doing? Will I be able to do this? Will I survive? I have appointed an adviser – will this be a waste of money? Solicitor can handle this?

All my concerns may go away if my offer is not accepted.  There is someone else who is interested as well. Part of me hopes my offer will not be accepted so I can stay in my comfort zone in my office.

This will be a big move. I do not have the comfort blanket of a franchisor showing me all the ropes and pitfalls.

To get anywhere in life you have to take risks. This is one of my big one. If things go ahead, I will work my ass off to make sure this works. Well I will die trying to make it work.

I have a clear vision where I went to go. Some would take it easy in their middle aged years. I want to step up a gear!

If all goes through I will be putting all my finances in this. It will be the case of make or break. I do not have anyone to leave my money.

Why do I make life tough for myself. Slippers and tea is not me.