Marketing meeting

marketingI mentioned, with relief,  in one of my earlier blog that I have found my marketing person. Today. I had my first marketing meeting with her.

I needed a marketing person!

The preparation for the meeting forced me to take some time out and think about my practice and the direction I would like to take it. My marketing consultant had emailed me a questionnaire earlier. This  was completed before the meeting.

The aim of the meeting was to come with up a clear marketing strategy. The discussion went in all directions. It was good for me to talk to a person who asked some key questions to formulate a marketing strategy.

She will draft the marketing strategy. This will be subject to further discussions. Then the marketing strategy will be finalised. Through this marketing spend/activity will be with a purpose intended to meet a clear desired result.

We also discussed my website. On the whole it is good. They will be some changes to reflect our marketing strategy.

We concluded that we will not display prices on the website. The main reasons for this are 1) They are many factors that go into pricing and 2) competitors may use this information against us.  I am not sure, I think it is better to be transparent with our  pricing. For the moment, fees will not be on the website.

I am pleased that  I found my marketing person. I think our business relationship will work well.