My Sunday ramblings – exhausted

simplicityI will be hitting the sack soon. I am exhausted. So I will keep today’s blog shorter than usual.

My blogging activity shot up during the week, so what more can I say?

Shop front is a big issue on my mind. It is a significant financial commitment.  It is an emotional roller coaster. I tend to make decision on instinct and not apply any logic.

My move to an office, from home, was not based on any calculations. I knew I had to move out. I just went ahead with it. I have not looked back.

Shop front is a bigger decision, even though instinct is telling me it would be a good move, I need to make sure I have the required funding for the present and the future. If not, I need to have a bank loan or an overdraft facility in place.

It would not look good if an accountant had to close the business because of lack of cash that could have easily been picked up by preparing a cash flow forecast.

My multimillionaire client I mentioned in an earlier blog agreed to pay my fees in full. He left a voice mail saying he would pay my invoice. Great, but I do not understand him.

My interns are off for their ACCA finals. It will not be the same without them. I was surprised when both of them told me that even if they found jobs, they will try and work 4 days a week and so they can spend a day with me! This is because they are learning so much. I had tell them to be realistic. I do not think employers will have them for 4 days.

My week was disjointed. There was too much fire fighting and personal unexpected events. I would not call it a productive week. I want to make sure I get to the office earlier this week since I have a lot on.

Systematization is going okay. Once again tax CPD lagged behind.