My ideal practice

RaleighAt the risk of boring readers of my blog, another blog today. I just have to brain dump in the evening.

In yesterday’s blog I talked about visualizing  my business. Today, I want to change tack a little and visualize my ideal practice from an operational  (day-to-day) perspective. 

It would be a practice where after staff, IT would play a central role. I do not mean just software for tax, accounts and practice management. I am thinking beyond this.

I would absolutely love to have the time and  implement  the following. It would bring significant time savings. 

1) Online form(s), for completion by client, for  client data we need once we have signed on a client. This includes UTR, VAT registration number, etc etc. Clients would be sent a link to the form(s). I am sure there are practices who do this.

2) Systematization very important.  A clear methodology on how my practice should work. In drafting the procedures, conflicts would be identified and resolved. Further, work flow will be clarified and any problems would be addressed and resolved. All this is a huge task.

3) Workflow Max would be used to its fullest extent by all staff. This means all client work and client communications would be in one place. Further, just imagine Xero coming with tax and final accounts add-on. Come on Xero!

4) Client work completed within two months of year-end/accounting year-end.

5) All client queries responded to by my staff on the same day!

6) My staff  take over the day-to-day from me. Leaving me time to work on the business.

7) More clients on Xero. This would be efficient.

8) My own head – not going in all directions! This is because I want to do so much and there are only 24 hours in a day. I should have gone on my own years ago.

A Mum and an Accountant – Please carry on blogging. If you were local I would have asked you team up with me for the days you want. You would meet my weakness – tax! Well anything to do with boring accounts and tax compliance work.