How can I be rational?

CreativityI am trying to be rational on my business expansion. Would it be wise to invest in a shop front?  I do not know where to start. I want to be rational but I am not sure how.

This blog is intended to help my brain full of information that I cannot make sense of.  

As some would say, start from the beginning. Where is the beginning? I think beginning is to think and make a plan. Start off  without a  spreadsheet.

Here are some thoughts. If I put them in writing it will help me sleep! Not only this I may have solutions in the morning!

1) What sort of business do I want: client types? Size? Staff numbers? Income? Hours I want to work? I need to have a clear vision. Just saying growth will not cut it.

2) My exit strategy When? Has to be at some stage.

3) Do I want to take on a business partner?

4) To get to where I want, is the shop front the only option? What about intensive marketing? Are there any  examples of small practices that have grown without a shop front?

5) How should I make sure I have capacity for growth?

6) I have difficulty with the current work load, how will I cope with growth?

7) Now time for spread sheet work, prepare a 5 year cash flow forecast. Year 1 being the key. Cash is king!

8) If figures look okay – and still want to move to shop front, then find an adviser who will act for me on lease negotiations.

9) Fit out the shop front to a good standard. No point otherwise. Find  a decent fitter. Ensure the shop front has a strong brand identity.

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