Accountant’s Shop Front – Go?

Decison makingI have to get this out of my system. It is distracting me from my work.

I went to view the shop front this morning. This is the one  I mentioned in my Sunday Ramblings blog. It is ideal! The best one I have seen. 

It needs some work before it is up to the standard to run as an accountancy practice shop front.

Here is the thing, I love my office. It is the way I want it. At the same time shop front I know will bring me more business without networking and I am certain with reduced marketing.

There is also the point about my normal accountants risk averse nature that is holding me back. It is a significant financial commitment. At the same I want to expand my business. I think this is the best way forward. May be.

Something in me says – go for this shop front it will bring in far more business. The location is so good. If I leave this I am certain it will be snapped up by someone else. I do not want this.

Okay, I need to clam down (!!) and not make rash decisions (emotionally I am not accepting this!). My heart is shouting and saying – Go! Go! Go!

Calm and rational head FT!!!!

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