My Sunday ramblings – Ask and it will be given to you

simplicityI am not sure how I can sum up the week. I will try and highlight what I think have  been the key events. 

My Solution? blog put further questions I wanted answered in my sleep!  What is interesting is without even realising I went straight into solutions mode on the questions. I put this down to the mere fact that I put the questions in writing. It just committed the brain to act as outlined by the following.

I have been looking for a marketing person for some time. This week I found that person! I trust her and respect her. She came to me as a potential client. I was impressed with her work. She signed up. I then asked her to become my practice’s go to person on marketing.

We have agreed in principle. We are sorting out the fine print. I will be flexible on money. I want her help! Good people are hard to find. Once you find them, don’t them go.

My marketing person will support me on  areas I raised in the  Solution? blog. This includes developing a clear marketing strategy, rebrand/revamp, transparent pricing on my website and devising all year round marketing campaigns.

A few weeks back I also found someone who helps me with company secretarial work. I nearly lost her due to a misunderstanding. Thankfully, all okay now.

I also raised the point about the shop front  in the  Solution? blog. One  just  in the right location became available this week. It is ideal. I will arrange a viewing next week.  I do not want to raise my hopes at this stage.

I also worked on systematization. I have some way to go. I will be doing some work on this every week. This is the best way.

My tax CPD lagged behind. I should not allow this to happen.

Client work is going reasonable well, but we should be doing more client work!

A couple of potential client did not sign up. One went for someone more local and another one used my quote and reduced their fees with their current accountant.

I have also been moving clients from Eazipay Direct Debit provider to Go Cardless. About 20% remaining now to move.  My reason for the move is the convenience of the cloud and not forgetting it is cheaper. Go Cardless is so easy to use.

So overall it was an okay week with the usual up and downs of a sole practitioner.

I hope next week goes well!

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