Blog views (Hit rate)

hit rateThis blog was born three months ago on 14th August. At the time, even with my efforts to build up a readership through Twitter, I did not think I would be able to gain much of a readership.

I am pleased because today my blog views (hit rate) has reached 5,106 views. It may not sound much to some, it is for the new kid on the block. It is not easy to build a readership. 

Twitter exposed me to other accountants at zero cost. Of course some readers came through Google searching “FirstTab Accountant” and other variants. The fact that I retained my Accounting Web pseudo name has also helped.

All writers love to have their work well read. I am not any different. I blog because it is such a help to me. At the same time I want maximum readership. I will continue to blog. I never have to force myself. There something in me that just wants to air my concerns, feelings and views. Blogging is an excellent platform for this.

I am sorry you cannot comment on my blogs.  For the moment I would like to keep it this way. I hope with passing of time things will change.

Most importantly thank you dear reader for subscribing to my blog or reading without subscribing. It means a lot to me.