Cycling addiction

LookOver the past two months or so, once again, something in me was saying don’t cycle on London roads. It is not safe. Today we heard a fifth cyclist died in London over a 9 day period. 

Even just a day without cycling means I am not myself.  My productivity slumps and I get angry easily.

Cycling is the only form of physical activity that I love. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, yesterday was gorgeous cycling weather. When I got to my office, I felt on top of the world. I felt I could tackle those tasks I had put off earlier.

I took my mother to the Hospital today, so I had to drive. I was stressed, hardly did any work and  had to control myself not to lose patience and say something to her that I would later regret.

About 6 years ago I bought a super-duper exercise bike – for £800!! This was with the intention that I would not cycle on London roads.

I missed the fresh air and people watching (well gorgeous women going to/returning from work!). I think I have used my exercise bike about 5-6 times. I could not hack it even with reading or listening to music.

I am not one of those in full Lycra. Why is it always the men! I am a commuter cyclist wearing normal clothes with a helmet.

Women cycling in summer, now there is something to see. I love those with full make up and wearing shoes that really are not suitable for cycling. Not forgetting the pretty colour of the bike!

Moving back to my cycling, I need to. My need for cycling outweighs my concern for my safety. I just would not be able to work effectively without cycling. I will take my chances.