solutionFirst thing when I woke up this morning, the solution to the question I asked myself in an earlier blog, came to my head.  This is what I call productive sleep!

Another reason I am in such a good mood is because I had a fantastic bike ride this morning after two days not cycling due to the weather. I was going nuts! This morning was perfect cycling weather.   

I had to blog about my solution during work time since I did not want to lose the thought. This has happened before.

I think this is the way forward. It is simple. I am certain it will work:

1) Allocate clients to staff – dependent on their experience and skills.

2) Set up support@ email address. Let clients know all emails should be sent to support@ email address. Any emails received to my address, clients will be reminded about support@ email.

3) All staff to have access to support email

4) Staff to respond to “their” clients emails. Any queries staff have will be referred to me, but staff to respond to clients. I will only respond where there is no option but for me to  respond.

5) All work related to clients will be undertaken by relevant staff. My role will be only be to review and respond to staff queries. In time my review role and staff queries will reduce.

6) This would work really well  if I set up clear systems. I will.

On staffing, the question I will ask myself is do my staff have the skills and experience to handle this? If not, take on some one more experienced. Things do need to change. I just cannot carry on with the way I am.  I do not want a life style business. This is not me. 

Next few questions I want answered in my sleep are  (I need to be specific),  I have not done any  marketing for some time, the questions I have:

1) Pay Per Click – Where do I start? How do I find out what works?

2) SEO – How do go about with this?

3) Telemarketing – is it worth pursing?

4) Shop front location? Is this the best way forward? I am very happy with my office. It is perfect.

5) Marketing budget – How to assess Returns on Investment?

6) Worth re brand/revamp? Have been thinking about moving away from Istock images on my website for some time. Need to have a strong practice identity. Lacking now.

7) Hate networking (people!) – what should I do? Plus time is a real concern.

8) Put prices on my website – best approach for this?

A Mum and an Accountant blogger – I am a fan! Best of luck with your interview.

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