Running my practice without me

Business people with question mark on boardsI am thinking the way things are with my practice, I am central to it. Without me, my practice would not be able function. To be honest I am my practice. I do not want this. I want my practice to run without me like a well oiled machine.

The problem is I do not know how to change this. Clients are so used to having me. How does sole practitioner move from this stage? Tough one I think.

I think it is a case of systematization again. Have clear responsibility for various functions. Further have a clear procedure and check lists for each function is the way forward. May be.

At present I am too involved in the day-to-day. As a result I do not have the time to expand my business.  It does  not make financial sense for me to be involved in the day-to-day. My staff can do this.

I am lost. May be I should take on a someone who is more experienced. Then with him/her systematize and then that person takes over running the day to day of the business?

Life does not come up with neat conclusions. Neither will my blog post! At the moment I am at a loss how to proceed.

Now I have posed this question, I have no doubt my brain will come up with something.

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