My Sunday ramblings – Improving


Typical, on a Sunday I wanted to have a lie-in and I was up at about 4 am. I was exhausted yesterday so I was in bed at about 10 pm. I could not keep my eyes open.

It is now 4:41 am. It is so nice at this time of the morning. I am relaxed, refreshed and it is peaceful.

So how has the week been?

I am beginning to work in the way I always wanted. During week days, I now wake up far earlier and get to the office earlier. First thing, I do is my resistance training or yoga. There has been an odd day when I have missed this. Though I am improving.

I am also making sure I undertake a little CPD every day. I am beginning to apply years of reading/listening to self-help books. As you know, success depends on doing a little everyday towards your goals. I have many objectives and one of my main one is improving my tax knowledge. I am following Tolleys excellent video lectures on personal tax. For those interested, HERE is the link (I am such a nice guy!).

Both on the work and personal front my head is buzzing with ideas. There is so much I want to do and I do not allow myself much time. I will make a year’s REALISTIC plan with objectives for each month. This way my brain will stop keep going into over drive. I will do more this way.

As I mentioned before blogging helps me. You may have gathered, I do not plan when I write my blogs. I just write whatever comes to my head. Planning would mean I would edit out some areas that on reflection I would consider readers would not find worth reading.

My Tick, tock. Tick Tock and Unrequited love blogs are the ones that stick to my mind in terms of being such a help. It is the process of writing that  commits the brain to change (even weight loss blogs are helping).

It was an extremely busy and stressful week. I lost a key client and  I did not get round to working on systematization. I will now do a bit everyday. It is too important to be left and taken over by other work.

I was considering telemarketing. I have decided against it. I need to take control of my existing workload, before marketing for new clients. My website is working and I am getting inquiries. I had a promising meeting last week with a potential client who found us from our website.

I went for my haircut yesterday. The volume of grey hair and my male pattern baldness has firmley set in! They are men of my age and higher who have a full head of hair. When I looked at my reflection in my barber’s mirrors it brought home that I am ageing! The image I have of myself is not the one I saw in the mirrors. Damn my genes!

Anyway my barber asked for my business card since he is looking for an accountant. I am not sure about having a cash business as my client. Further, would he pay my fees!

My plan for the great Sunday today:

  • Domestic stuff – Ironing and food shopping
  • Work – Plan work for the week, Practice final accs, personal finance, respond to some tricky emails
  • Relax – long walk or cycle ride
  • Listen to music whilst working

Enjoy your Sunday!