Gorgeous and ambitious client

Life is likeJust when I thought things are now back to okay, shitty life messes it up again. If there is a god, I really feel like giving her right hell. I want an urgent meeting with her!

I suppose this is called life and we have all downs. I seem to have more downs.

Reality check FT! It is not all bad.

My gorgeous and ambitious client became an ex-client this week. She has a substantial amount of cash takings that were not being disclosed. Further, she was also not disclosing full pay on payroll. She pays 50% in cash in hand to her staff and 50% through PAYE. 

Further, she completely denied what we had agreed and I had put in writing. I simply had to resign as her accountant. I just could not see how this would work. I have lost a large chunk fee on this. It took long to get her in the first place.

I am also left asking myself, the way I am going not taking on dodgy or slightly dodgy clients, I really cannot expand.

If you read Accounting Web, it gives a misleading impression that majority of accountants do not take on dodgy clients. I am of the firm belief this is not the case. They just turn a blind eye to this. May be I should do the same thing?

Dare anyone admit  on Accounting Web that they turn  a blind eye on some dodgy client practices? They would be shot down by the do-gooders. I wish this was not the case. I think it would be  good to read a wide variety of practices. I also have grave doubts of public perception of responses of Accounting Web and reality. We all like to give are impression that we are such nice people.

I am highly cynical of  human race. We are not nice. We are a selfish lot. That is why we have survived for so long and totally changed our planet for our convenience.

So I am sure you will ask yourself whether I will take on less dodgy clients. I am a such a nice person and such a do-gooder, so I will not take them on. 

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