My Sunday ramblings – Systematization


We are now in November! What happened to 2013? Where did all the months go? I have not even started 2013 properly and we are coming to the end of it!

Once again,  it was an exhausting week .

I am pleased to report my low fee client agreed to an increase in fees and she will remain our client. Good to know we are doing things right. This is not to say we are perfect.

I joined a Xero webinar on Work Papers. My early view is they are good. Though we will only use a small number of Work Papers. Like most sole practitioners, our clients are outside the audit threshold so the need for such extensive working papers is not there.

We will also be adding more of our existing clients to Xero. This will now be easier, since my staff is now also Xero certified. He does not have the confidence to train clients. It will come with support, encouragement and experience.

I would like to combine our systematization with ACCA Quality Check badge. ACCA website is not clear as to what is required so I will be emailing them for someone to call me or email me the website links to learn more about this.

We are now in tax return season. We are in a far better position compared to previous years. It is still not good enough. We need to get even more tax returns completed by this time of the year. We will improve further next year.

I will brain dump all my todos on Wunderlist today. These are mainly outside work areas. I have neglected these. The intention, as mentioned in my previous blog, is to plan, when, how and where the work will be completed.

I will also  think about  and make changes to my daily routine (wake up time, sleep time, start work,finish work etc). It is not working efficiently at present.

Since the age of 13 I have always worked. This includes week-ends, school holidays and annual leave as an employee. Without giving into detail, that was the only way for me at the time.

I am now left in my middle aged years not really knowing what is that I enjoy in my leisure time. I like audio books, long walks, cycling, science fiction and animation films. I suppose since I know this and I need to work with these.

In my middle aged and old aged years, I would like to try and have a balanced life. This will not be easy since my practice will always pull me away. It is my baby so I will want to give it attention all the time.