My Sunday ramblings – Lost tooth

simplicityWhat a week! I am one tooth less and in mourning the loss of my tooth. I really need to look after my teeth. I love my food, with dentures it won’t be the same.

Tooth pain has to be the worst pain there is. Thankfully pain is over at the heavy price of losing my tooth.

How is business?

October so far has been a good month . I had three sign ups. All women in keeping with my client gender profile. More please!

For one of these clients, on reflection, I quoted low fees. I was keen to take her on following months of dry season. I will inform her that for the following year fees would increase by 40%. Fine if she moves on. The job is not viable at the current level of fees.

My first meeting, post signing up, with the gorgeous and ambitious client went well. There is a lot to do. Even then, thankfully, this is a lucrative client.

The third client is an interesting one. She is a CCAB accountant. Let’s see how long she stays with us.

I listened to E Myth unabridged audio book again. The first time I listened to it was a year ago. I need to keep on going with systematization. It is finding the time!

I bought Logitech UE Mobile Boombox. It is very good! I can walk around with the Boombox playing in my flat without any cables. Connection with the iPhone is through Bluetooth.  Both audio books and music are great on it.

Yesterday it was more online clothes shopping. It is so much better and easier. I can sort by style, colour, fit and size. It is only recently I started online clothes shopping.

At work we all look and feel so much better as a result of our dress code. After a few months, post weight loss, it will back clothes shopping for me.

I missed cycling this week. Due to my problem now dead tooth, I could not cycle for 3 days. The impact on my weight remains to be  seen. I am not expecting a positive result. I also missed my resistance training and yoga.

What is in store for the windy day today? My cleaner is on holiday so cleaning my place, ironing, hair cut, plan work for the week, resistance training and yoga. Whilst at home listening to music or an audio book on my Boombox! Good purchase.