Unrequited love

broken_heart1I read a few good articles on the net on the subject of unrequited love. I really want to move on and mature from this experience in my middle-aged years. 

I am deeply in love with a person who does not feel the same way. It is odd that if I do not contact her for months, she gets in touch for attention and compliments and then moves on not answering my calls and emails.

I am not one of those who will not stop calling and emailing. This is not to say I am not tempted at times. I just stop myself. It is just not right.

The thing is I do not think I have matured from  feelings of  unrequited love. These include:

1) I Just cannot stop thinking about the person

2) Trying to think of legitimate ways of getting in touch with the person

3)  Life is just not pleasant since I think pleasure can only be achieved in the company of the person concerned.

This is just not good enough. I do not want to waste my life away like this.

This is how I think I will try to move on:

1) Busy myself with work, that sense of achievement will work wonders.

2) Stop myself thinking about her . When I do, force myself to think about something else. Further, allow myself the luxury not to think about her for more than 20 mins a day. I need to set aside a time to do this everyday. This way, when I think about her, I will say to myself, wait till your allocated time.

3) In my mind wish her the very best.

4) Be with other people. This way it will be easier not to think about her.

5) ACCEPT this is the way things are. I have no control over her feelings. It is not her doing either it is just the way she feels. That is shitty life.

6) Listen to audio books (not romance!). They are a great distraction.

7) Most important of all I should make sure there is zero contact with the lady! Otherwise it will not work.

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