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simplicityIt was an exhausting  week. A real emotional roller coaster in getting the gorgeous and ambitious client I mentioned last week.  Phew! She has become my client . It is a big fee client I needed this one.  It includes bookkeeping. I do not normally take bookkeeping jobs, but this one I did since I am certain it will be a lucrative job.

The other potential client that I also mentioned last week has not decided yet. I have had some clear no  potential clients as well. This was because I refused to go any lower on my fees. Damn it! We are in such a tough competitive market now. They are too many accountants in practice and more and more want to start their own practice! Will it be survival of the cheapest?

After years of signing up with a recruitment agency, I got a call from them for a CEO job in London. Without any hesitation I said no thanks and for them to update their records to reflect that I am not looking for a job. Me work for someone? It would not work for me to report to a board or a manager following my employers way of working.

As some readers may know I have been living on my own for some time. A few women I met have asked me a really good question. I am so used to having my own way, will I be able to adapt if someone else were to live with me?

I really do not know the answer. It would take some adjustment. I think I am destined to be on my own. I cannot imagine being with someone anymore. Further, my taste and my age just do not match.

Last Friday was just a washout. I did not any work. I was exhausted. I should have taken a day off.

I now have two interns. They are both working out well. The advantage of having interns is  I can mould them to my way of working. My plan is take one may be even both of these interns on a permanent basis. This way, I am reducing my risk since both parties know what each other is like.

Our dress-up policy is going very well. We will continue with this.

My online clothes shopping went better than I thought it would. My offline shopping was a disaster. Parking was a problem, ties I bought are horrible. At the same time it is difficult to buy ties online. Seeing the colours online just does not work. I think I will still order them and post them back if they are not right.

It is nearly 7am. I am now rushing off to my local Sainsbury’s for some warm croissant. Great on a relaxing Sunday early morning!

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