My Sunday ramblings

simplicityIt is 7 am on a Sunday and I am up, wanting to make the most of the day. Even though the forecast is “Cloudy with outbreaks of rain, heavy at times, for much of the day” – BBC.  It is my Sunday.  I missed my last one.

I just wake up earlier these days. I wonder is it because I am now even more aware of my mortality?  I just want to make the most life can offer.   I think about my own death a lot. I have always been like this. This is one of the reasons I am highly aware how I use my time.

Leaving aside death talk, it has been another busy week.

I looked at my wardrobe. I could no longer wait to lose weight before renewing my clothes. I have been busy with online clothes shopping.  I am looking at what I am wearing and how I come across in what I wear. I need to. All good sales people I know do. Any business just cannot survive without having a good sales person to get the business.

Why are ties either the same price or higher than shirt prices?

Some accountants would put up  their noses at the notion of sales and having a practice. This is  living in cloud cuckoo land.

I am continuing with Yoga (wiifit)  and resistance training at home. Though I need to increase the frequency of these sessions from 2 times a week to 4. It is working out better than a gym. This is because of flexibility of time and I no longer have to look at toned bodies and try to hide mine.

I decided not to continue with weekly blogs on my weight loss journey. This is due to comments from some total morons from accounting web, who just did not leave me alone. I really had enough.  For the moment weight loss could be so much better.

I stopped using Workflow Max and I have gone back to Wunderlist. The reason for this is I found Wunderlist so much easier to use. I know WFM is better. I need to force myself to use WFM.   I need to develop the habit of using WFM.

We are continuing with our dress-up policy and always keeping the office in a tidy state . This includes not having any clutter on our desks. This is working out well on productivity front.  It is also good for our state of mind.

After months of dry season, I had two good prospects and one so so prospect (small fee). The so so prospect signed up. The two good prospects are taking their time in making their decision.  I met one of these prospect about three years ago. They decided not to change accountants at the time. I am hopeful about the other one. She is gorgeous and ambitious! She has done well so far. It will be great to work with her.

Interesting all the three prospects are women.  As I mentioned on Accounting Web, I have a higher proportion of female clients. This is good.

I really need to study the sales cycle. This will increase my sign up rate. This gives an overview.