Google BikeI am so glad it is Friday. I am totally knackered! It is has been such a busy week.

The office move has tired me out. I was working till 7 pm last Friday and till 8pm on Saturday.

The new office is brilliant. I got rid of a lot of junk.  We no longer have nick nacks or other rubbish on our desks it is only monitors, scanner and a printer.  Our productivity has improved. We make sure the office is kept organised and tidy as we go along.

Also there is a change in our dress code. It is no longer vague smart casual. We all dress in a professional manner. This includes a tie for men. I know ties are out for some people. Not for us.

The smarter dress code has had a positive effect on how we work and talk to each other. I just feel, act and am more professional. This will now be the way for my practice. I know about dress downs. I want to go the opposite way  –  dress up!

The new intern is working out well.