My Sunday ramblings


Event of the week for me was the office move.  We are in the same office block but a different office.  The move took place yesterday. We are now about 80% complete in terms of putting all the stuff in the right place. My intern came in yesterday. This was a real help.

The pictures below show the old office and the bright clean new office.

Intern’s idea of helping me move out!  Click on pics to enlarge.

Office move - Old Office

Moved to a bright clean office

Office Move - New Office

Reasons for the move include:

  1. We have some exchange equipment next door. This heat from the unit was just too much
  2. It is a brighter office
  3. The office is nearer reception – it just looks better.

We will probably spend about half of Monday to complete the move.

The move gave me a chance to get rid of some junk that we accumulated since the practice started 6 years ago.

I need to take a break today. I will, after quickly completing Sunday domestic chores. I will go for a either a long bike ride or a long walk.

I started Yoga and weight training at home. Only one session so far. I was aching all over the next day.  I will carry on with this. Leaving asides the minor aches, it made me feel great.

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