Xerocon 2013 UK

xeroFor me it was not worth paying and attending Xerocon today to hear about Xero plans.   All the information can be gained from the net and Xero update emails. In an internet age,  conferences have lost their value.

I have not heard presenters saying “awesome” and “cool” so much before as I heard today at Xerocon UK.  Lets remind ourselves we are talking about cloud based bookkeeping and accounting software.  I am not saying Xero is not good, but to keep saying  “awesome” and “cool” was just too much.

Lucky  Kiwi Xero users  have got it made since they have a complete cloud based integrated package. We folks in the UK are missing final accounts and tax. Final accounts is in the pipeline. There was no mention of tax. Mind you I left an hour early. They may have talked about this after my exit..

Complimentary  stuff given by Xero included a T shirt and a bag with other useless junk.  I did not take anything to convey my displeasure about such environmental waste.

I am not attending future Xerocon events. I can get all the information in other ways.

I should have gone to the office and not lost a days work!