My Sunday ramblings


I was a real  couch potato today. I watched  2 films on, went food shopping and tried without success to assemble my York Fitness Bench. It is a two people job and I live on my own. This is one of the few downsides of living on my own.

I am disappointed my hiking boots have not arrived from Amazon yet. I wanted to go for a long walk. The trainers are no longer good enough.

I am not sure how my last week was. 

I took a bold step after some thought and said good bye to two members of staff. It  was not working out. I did not want to prolong the agony. At the same time as people I got on with them. I am left with a small nagging doubt whether it was the right way to go.

The new intern I think is okay so far. In early stages, an incredible amount of my time is spent with a new intern. After about 3 weeks I begin to see a return and the interns sees their return too in terms of salable skills they are gaining.

As regards to key pieces of work this week, couple of VAT returns and Annual accounts. There is a lot more. The Work I mentioned have deadlines approaching.

I also have Xerocon on Wednesday. I was enthusiastic when I parted with my dosh. I am not looking forward to going now. It will be the same old same old. How good Xero is (it is), how well other accountants are doing with Xero (I know) and third party integration providers flogging their ware.

Xero said dress code is smart casual. What does that mean? I am paying money to attend this. I will dress whatever way I like. I just do not have the figure to show more skin than normal.