Still in two minds

Till just now, I had changed this blog to private. This meant only the people I allowed had access to this blog. Only I had access to it.

I had numerous requests from people to be allowed in the “club”.  I just needed time to think whether to keep the blog private.  Honestly there are some real nut cases around. They having nothing better to do with their time than just make ridiculous comments here and on Accounting Web. Moving on.

For the moment I will keep this blog open. Though after further thought it may close again. Lets see how it goes.

The blog may also changed its direction, in the sense that it may not be about my weight loss journey. In the hope of preventing these  nut cases commenting on what a failure I am.

I do not feel great today. I had to say good bye to two of my staff this week. They were just not right in terms of:

1) Attitude

2) Commitment

I am also missing the gym. I cancelled my subscription last week. I will be setting up my home gym (sort of) tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Still in two minds

  1. Yeah I couldn’t log on.

    Requested access under the name luddite71 but you prob didn’t know I was friend NOT foe!

    Personally I hunk you should keep it all open.

  2. Yeah I couldn’t log in and had to register with word press.

    Requested access under name luddite71 but you probably didn’t realise I was friend NOT foe.

    Personally I think you should leave it open

    Ned Ludd

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