New Intern

accaIt is still early days with my new ACCA finalist intern. We spent a lot of time working together today.  I am not sure at this stage whether it his lack of confidence or his skill that is an issue. 

I just expected an ACCA finalist not to be asked to take notes on explanations and instructions provided to him. When I asked my intern why he was not making notes, he said he will remember it all. He didn’t.  He asked me questions on areas that were well covered.

It came as shock that he got the basics wrong:

  • Depreciation is an allowable expense
  • Sole trader can take wages
  • struggled to explain limited company

I will put this down to lack of confidence. His ACCA credentials checked out.

He is with me to learn. It really is a case both of us helping each other.

The previous intern, another ACCA finalist, was not that different to the current one in his confidence level in early days. He  progressed well with me.

I am selective with my interns. As long as they are positive, have a good attitude and are at late stages of their professional exams, I will take them. I then help them a lot and they in turn help me.

I do not pay them a salary. I give them my time. They appreciate this and keep in touch with me after they leave. They always thank me for giving  them their first break. I wish I could take on more interns (there is no shortage of them). It is just not viable for me to do this at present.

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