My Sunday ramblings


My week was mixed. A time consuming client is closing his business because he simply cannot go on. His sales are just not there. I am sorry for him. At the same time it is such a relief since his affairs  took up too much time. Further, since he was making losses he could not afford an increase in fees.

I took on an intern, a  ACCA finalist. Early days but so far he is okay. In addition to accounts work he will help me with marketing and other admin tasks on Workflow max.

The new intern replaces an intern who I thought was very good. It is not working out since she has children. I had to work around her school runs and school holidays. I am sure mothers reading this blog will not like me for saying this – my experience has shown me  working around school runs and school holidays just does not work for me. Schools runs are okay but school holidays are too much.

You would have thought after all my anxiety over Tuesday weigh-ins, I would cut down on my food intake. Nope. This has not been the case.  The depressing grey days do not help. They just make me feel low. I am once again dreading Tuesday weigh-in.

I finally cancelled my gym membership. I do need weight bearing training. This will be done in privacy of my home. I have dumbbells,  In addition I bought a fitness bench  and an excellent ipad app called Full Fitness HD.  You will see from the video below. the app covers all. It has a section for home training.

I was in a spending mood, so I also ordered hiking boots as well. My trainers are well past their useful life.

I am thinking of dropping a client. This will mean a £300 reduction a month in fees. I am not happy with the client and the client I do not think is happy with me. The client has an ACCA bookkeeper, they prefer her. This is understandable since she has day to day contact with them. I see the client on a quarterly basis.  I just have to face up and give up.

Being honest with myself, for some reason I have lost the edge that I had at start-up stage. I need to get that back! I will. Weight, more recent affairs of the heart and letting myself being distracted are the key reasons for this.  Not good! Lets see if I can get back on the straight and narrow.

One thought on “My Sunday ramblings

  1. It surprises me that same people who wanted be banned from Accounting Web, are reading my blogs.

    Furthermore, they make comments that really does not allow for any meaningful discussion.

    I have once again deleted these comments from these narrow minded people.

    They have got what they wanted – banned from Accounting Web.

    I wish they would just leave me alone and get on with their lives. I do not think they have a life. Otherwise why would they try and get their satification for making other people’s lives a real misery.

    Go away – leave me alone! There are so many on Accounting Web who like you, stick with them. Please!!!

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